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Demiwater Cartridges

Demi water cartridges convert drinking water into demineralized water with a conductivity of less than 1 μS/cm.

The filters can be connected directly to the water supply network, which means that they can be used very flexibly.

When the resins are saturated with the dissolved salts, the filter can easily be disconnected using a bypass valve and exchanged with us.


Demiwater Cartridges

Demineralization filter(s) convert drinking water into demineralized water. The quality limit for the conductivity can be chosen freely. The filter is compact, economical and constructed of pressure-resistant material, filled with anionic and cationic resins.

The filter can be connected directly to the water supply network. The raw water passes through the resin bed that binds the salts, carbon dioxide and silicates. In this way, demineralized water with an electrical conductivity of less than 1 μS/cm is obtained.

The amount of water that can be demineralized depends on the amount of salts contained in the water supplied.

The resins are saturated if, after some flow through the cartridge, the conductivity of the demineralized water no longer falls below the limit value. Geonwater allows this saturated resin to regenerate, so that it can be used again. This saves both costs and the environment.  


Optionally, the filter is equipped with a conductivity sensor for the produced water. The conductivity is indicated on a display and a limit value can be set and signaled.

If you would like to use our service when using Demiwater cartridges, please contact us. We are happy to answer your questions about this process.  


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