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Online Analysis

Online monitoring of water quality can be of decisive importance within a business process.

Geonwater BV provides customized solutions in the field of online analysis. Almost every parameter can be measured reliably.

Think of water hardness, conductivity, disinfection, iron content, and acidity. Geonwater represents analysis systems from various manufacturers.

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Online Analysis 

Online analysis is often closely related to the control of a water treatment system. Geonwater integrates online analysis and control. In this way, you as a customer always have access to the correct information about the performance of your equipment. During a conversation we would be happy to discuss your wishes and options with you. 

The products of the Gebrüder Heyl have a special place in our delivery program of online measuring equipment. Geonwater has been supplying products from this German manufacturer since the eighties. We have the in-house knowledge to integrate these systems into the control of purification systems and relieve you of maintenance concerns.

Heyl has become known, among other things, for their excellent online measurement systems for various parameters such as hardness, alkalinity, iron, sulfite and a number of disinfection parameters. Well-known product names are Testomat, Softmaster and Titromat.

Download:Testomat 2000 ECO

Download:Testomat EVO

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