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Domestic use

Water can contain decent amounts of calcium and magnesium. Limescale forms from this. Our water softeners remove scale-forming particles from the water based on ion exchange.

This promotes the life of pipes and water-consuming appliances such as the washing machine, dishwasher or coffee maker. In addition, the efficiency of boilers, water heaters and geysers increases thanks to the decalcified water.

So you save water and thus energy, money, and it is an environmentally conscious choice.

No more limescale?


Our water softeners work with a filter tank, filled with resin, that removes the limescale from the water. After a certain amount of water consumption, the resin is saturated and needs to be "regenerated". This is done by means of a rinse with a saline solution, which is created in the brine tank. Thanks to the salt rinse, all limescale is removed from the resin and the softener can once again supply lime-free water. The rinse water with all the lime goes through a drain to the sewer.

Geon water softeners are equipped with the most advanced techniques such as a volume controlled microprocessor control. Regeneration mainly takes place based on water consumption, so only when the resins are saturated. This prevents unnecessary consumption of salt and water. In addition, the control system can also regenerate on time because the control system is equipped with forward-thinking software. This means that if little or no water is used during a continuous period (for example during your holiday), the softener will regenerate itself.

Would you like to purchase a water softener for your home? Let us know. We work together with installers from all over the country to provide you with the right service.

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