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Ion Exchangers (Softeners)

A water softener removes unwanted lime components from water by using an ion exchanger (resin).

This principle is widely used, from domestic use to large industrial processes.

Geonwater has a wide range of water softeners, including compact units and innovative industrial softeners. We would be happy to talk to you to see which installation suits your situation.


Ion Exchangers (Softeners)

Ion exchangers are often used to remove specific unwanted elements from water or other liquid media. The ion exchangers called "resins" exist in the form of synthetic granules and are available for a wide variety of processes. In addition to the commonly known softening system, ion exchangers can also be used in a highly specialized manner for the removal of specific elements such as nitrate or arsenic. 


For industrial applications, Geonwater supplies customized installations based on, among other things, decarbonation, nitate removal, recovery or removal of metals and demineralization.

For information or advice on ion exchangers pleaseContactcontact our technical specialists. 

Download: Delivery program Softening installations


Download:Water softener IX-SC 

Download:Water softener IX-SC8 


Download:Single filter Water softener IX-SE 

Download:Single filter Water softener IX-SE+ 


Download:Duplex Water Softener IX-SD 

Download:Duplex Water Softener IX-SDTW

Innovative Countercurrent

Download:HRT Water softener IX-SH

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