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Techniques & Products

We work on the basis of the "one stop shopping" principle, in which direct cooperation with the customer is central.

As a result, we have an excellent standard delivery program, we deliver innovative custom installations from an independent position and we strive for an optimal balance between high quality standards and costs for purchase and use.

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Reverse Osmosis  (Membrane Filtration) 

Already now, but certainly in the future, membrane techniques will play an important role in most water treatment processes. Geonwater therefore has a wide range of RO systems for 100 liters to 30,000 liters per hour. In addition, we are progressive in supplying fully digitally controlled, compact Units that can be integrated into an existing process environment.


Ion Exchangers (Softeners)

A water softener removes unwanted lime components from water by using an ion exchanger (resin). This principle is widely used, from domestic use to large industrial processes. Geonwater has a wide range of water softeners, including compact units and innovative industrial softeners up to 64 m³/h. We would be happy to talk to you to see which installation suits your situation.

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Process Automation

To fully support your installation, we use innovative hardware and software. We use this to connect data and processes so that systems can be automated and/or monitored and you have control over your process. Flexible control, fully automated, tailor-made or adapted to the existing process environment are all options.

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Online Analysis 

Online monitoring of water quality can be of decisive importance within a business process. Geonwater provides tailor-made online analysis. Almost every parameter can be measured reliably. Think of water hardness, conductivity, disinfection, iron content and acidity. Geonwater represents analysis systems from various manufacturers.


Groundwater Treatment (Filtration)

Unwanted elements in the water can have adverse consequences for processes or systems. Filtration techniques offer a solution where the diversity of filtration equipment and filter material is infinite. Geonwater is happy to think along with you. We share our years of experience and expertise in order to find a suitable solution together with you.


Storage & Distribution

To ensure safe storage and distribution of the produced water, specialist knowledge is necessary. For example, due to the quality aspects of the water, storage tanks must meet a large number of requirements and the specifications of pumps used for dosing or pressure boosting are infinite. We support the entire process, from advice to installation and maintenance.


Demiwater Cartridges

Demi water cartridges convert drinking water into demineralized water with a conductivity of less than 1 μS/cm. The filter can be connected directly to the water supply network so that it can be used very flexibly. When the resins are saturated with the dissolved salts, the filter can easily be disconnected using a bypass valve and exchanged with us.

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