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Good quality water is a precious resource for many business purposes.


Geonwater is a specialist in water treatment processes. We make 'tailor-made water' for, among others, Galvano Industry, industrial laundries and dry cleaners, industry, laboratories and clean rooms, agriculture and horticulture and utilities.



The Galvano Industry uses various techniques for the production of demineralized water. There are many possibilities to monitor and automate these processes. Factors such as the application, process conditions, investment and, for example, the intensity of operators' deployment play a role in determining the right solutions.

Relevant Techniques & Products: 

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Industrial Laundries and Dry Cleaners 

The right water quality ensures a high-quality washing process at laundries and dry cleaners. However, water supply to the steam boiler requires a different treatment than, for example, using your own water extraction with the aim of making it suitable as process water. Geonwater knows these processes and is happy to advise you on a suitable water treatment system based on your options and wishes.

Relevant Techniques & Products: 



Water plays an essential role in almost all production processes. However, the quality requirements and the required composition of the water are very diverse. Cooling water, for example, requires a completely different composition than water for cleaning systems. Geonwater is happy to offer a total solution that meets the required quality requirements.

Relevant Techniques & Products: 

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Laboratories and Clean Rooms

Water use in this sector requires very high quality assurance. In particular, the prevention of germ formation and the guaranteed control of the processes play a major role. Online analysis, the continuous registration of process data and optimal service is where Geonwater can make the difference for you.

Relevant Techniques & Products: 

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Agriculture and horticulture

In the agricultural sector, groundwater is used wherever possible. For example, for irrigating the crops. However, the composition of spring water can be very diverse. Sampling and analysis, together with the desired values, form the starting point for establishing the right water treatment. This could include the use of ion exchangers. for example for the removal of nitrates, as well as various methods to remove iron and manganese from spring water are widely used.


Relevant Techniques & Products: 



In schools, government buildings, but also large healthcare institutions, the various water supplies are often centrally arranged. Consider, for example, the water for climate control or for use in industrial kitchens. Sustainability, but also efficiency are factors in which Geonwater thinks along with you. But you can also rely on our technicians when it comes to knowledge of laws and regulations.


Relevant Techniques & Products: 

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