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Groundwater Treatment (Filtration)

Unwanted elements in the water can have adverse consequences for processes or systems.

Filtration techniques can then offer a solution in which the diversity of filtration equipment and filter material is infinite.

Geonwater is happy to think along with you and share our years of experience and expertise in order to come up with a solution that suits you.


Groundwater Treatment (Filtration)

Groundwater can contain large amounts of iron, but manganese can also have an undesirable value. In many cases, this has adverse consequences for processes and products in, for example, industry, horticulture and/or livestock farming.
In the dissolved state, iron is not visible. However, as soon as it comes into contact with oxygen, it changes to a colloidal form. This gives the water a brownish color and over time it will settle in a layer of iron sludge.

The composition of the groundwater, the pre-filtration and the package of requirements and wishes form the basis for the design of groundwater treatment. The expertise of a specialist is of great importance in order to arrive at the right filtration technique and the associated filtration material. Geonwater, for example, offers effective and cost-efficient solutions in which the groundwater is intensively aerated and degassed in a controlled environment. The colloidal iron that forms in this process is then filtered on a filter bed of, among other things, annealed filter sand.

The formed iron compounds that are collected in the filter bed enhance the effect of the filter. However, these should also be periodically (partially) removed by means of a flush. In this system, this flushing with filtered water can be done using the borehole pump. During a flush, the water is filtered through one of the tanks and then flushed back into the other tank at high speed and in the opposite direction.

To see which application is most suitable for your process, we would like to look at the analyzes of the groundwater with you and think along with you to arrive at an installation that we design, build, install and maintain in-house.

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